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Many of our patients were kind enough to share their unique story with us. We're happy to share them below. If you have any questions about these reviews or the services we offer, please call our office and we will be happy to assist you!

On this page, you can read some of the reviews our patients have left in the past. We thrive on feedback from our patients, and encourage you to share your experience with us, at any stage in your treatment. If you have the time to leave us a review, please click on the Review us on Google button below. Thank you for taking the time to evaluate us!

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Dr. C is a skilled dentist who masterfully combines theory and practice. He explains oral health in a way that brings understanding to his patients. He is honest and transparent and if you need a procedure done by him it’ll be done perfectly and pain-free, assisted by Angie who makes everyone comfortable in the chair and helps get the job done. Key to the formula is Trish who keeps patients in the practice healthy. Six month check ups with Trish are truly judge-free zones! Angela is skilled with deep knowledge on insurance and billing which helps patients keep oral health affordable, plus she is flexible with appointments ensuring folks can get in the door even If they have the busiest of schedules. Simply stated this practice is the best in Bergen County. They take great pride in their patients’ care and I cannot conceive entrusting my teeth to anyone else.
-- Bill Colona recommends Rolando Cibischino D.M.D.
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Dr. C and his staff are professional and compassionate. They took the time to explain and focus on my dental needs. This was truly a great experience . Excellent doctor and staff!!!
-- Elizabeth T
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I just finished having my teeth whitened at Dr. C’s by the amazing Trish and I could not be more pleased. Having never had my teeth whitened before I was skeptical as to what I should expect.

However, instantly after seeing the outcome I was sure that the results had exceeded my expectations. I look forward to continuing the whitening process at home to create an even brighter smile.

Thanks to Trish, I can wear my smile with even more confidence and I could not be more happy. Thanks!

-- Christi
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When I was young, I fell down a flight of cement stairs and broke my front tooth. Over the years, that tooth was bonded numerous times. Eventually the composite would wear away, leaving me self-conscious about my slanted smile.

This year, I finally decided to follow Dr. Cibischino’s recommendation to get a porcelain crown and I’m so happy that I did! The process was done in two painless visits and because my teeth are slightly yellow, Dr. Cibischino and his wonderful staff were very careful to select the shade that matched best. They did such a great job that I have to point out to others which tooth isn’t real. Dr. Cibischino was even kind enough to complete the job in time for my class reunion, where I wore my new smile proudly.

Thank you!
— R. A.

-- R. Amatulli
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Dr. C and his team are one of a kind! Never have I felt so comfortable in a dental environment! ?
-- Nevon
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Just did whitening and couldn’t be happier with it! It was an incredible experience and I noticed a monumental change after only one hour. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to brighten their smile.
-- Ronnie
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Cosmetic Bonding

When I moved to Hackensack, NJ in February 2008, it was imperative for me to find a good dentist. I took a blind chance going to Dr. C’s dentist office without any personal recommendation because it was right around the corner from my apartment.

My first visit was great and from then on Dr. C and his staff have been instrumental in helping me maintain excellent oral hygiene! Dr. C’s staff is excellent! They are always so pleasant and made me feel right at home (in a dentist office!). His office is state-of-the-art and they offer flexible hours to accommodate working professionals like myself. I was able to go in at 7 a.m., be out by 8 a.m., and make it to work by 8:30 a.m. with no problems.

I’m especially pleased with my recent cosmetic procedure to close the gap between my two front teeth. I never liked my gap and always wanted to close it but did not want to get braces, especially as an adult. I inquired about the Invisalign procedure and contemplated getting them for a couple years. Finally, I decided to move forward with the cosmetic dental procedure, and Dr. C did an excellent job. My teeth are perfect and my smile is flawless, thanks to Dr. C and staff!

Satisfied Patient,
Nicole Cage

-- Nicole Cage
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Front Teeth Replacement

One cold January morning, I tripped and fell. My worst nightmare had come true: I had broken two of my front teeth! Among the other injuries of scrapes, bruises and a broken finger, my broken teeth were my biggest concern. Luckily, my roommate Karen was home and able to take me to her dentist, Dr. Cibischino.

From the moment I walked into the office, my fears were put at ease. Everyone in the office was so kind that I felt as if I was their only patient. It has been a long road to recovery but well worth it. Dr. C and his staff did such a great job on the temporaries that no one could believe that they were not my real teeth! Now I have porcelain crowns that look even better. If you were to meet me now, you would never know what happened to me that day.

Although I didn’t meet Dr. C and his staff under the best of circumstances, I am grateful to all of them for the wonderful job they did fixing my smile!

— Dineen Morgan

-- Dineen Morgan
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Front Tooth Replacement

I have been a happy patient of Dr. C’s for 11 years. Dr. C and his staff are always professional and make my smile look beautiful. I have never had to wait for my appointment longer than a few minutes. Dr. C and his staff are always on time and accommodating when accidents occur.

I was devastated after my front tooth was knocked out due to an accident. Dr. C gave me back my smile and now I smile with confidence again! Dr. C has also filled several cavities and placed a crown on one of my molars. He has always done a wonderful job and puts me at ease. Many of my work colleagues are patients of Dr. C as well.

Thank you Dr. C!
Elaina Taylor

-- Elaina Taylor
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Dental Veneers

I am thrilled and grateful for the extensive work that Dr. C did on my six front teeth. He is not only skilled and talented to create such beautiful and natural looking teeth, but Dr. C is truly one of the most sensitive and understanding dentists I have ever experienced.

A Big Thank You to you Dr. C, and to Joyce and Trish and Cyndi, for your kindness and for taking such good care of me and my family.

— Julie Mackert

-- Julie Mackert
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Smile Makeover

If you are looking for genuine care and concern, professionalism and a true artist’s touch for a beautiful smile like mine, then Dr. Cibischino is the dentist for you!

With Dr. Cibischino and his lovely staff of Claudia, Trish and Joyce, you are well taken care of and put at ease in every way.

I am so happy to have found them all!

Penny Williams

-- Penny Williams
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Dental Veneers

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Cibischino’s since he began his practice in Hackensack, N.J. I’ve always felt confident that he and his staff would give me up front answers to any of my dental questions.

About a week before I was scheduled for my semi-annual dental exam and cleaning, I read an article in a magazine briefly describing porcelain veneers. The before and after pictures of the people who had the procedure were very impressive.

I casually mentioned reading the article to Dr. Cibischino during my dental exam. He explained that veneers could be applied to my teeth, as well. He showed me several molds and pictures and explained the procedure in detail. He then went on to say that the entire procedure would be completed in three visits. I liked everything I heard and I made the first appointment before I left the office that day.

I’ve had the veneers for about two years now. The veneers wear just like my natural teeth, and I love the way they look.

— Reale

-- Reale
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Dental Veneers

Professional, knowledgeable, kind, understanding and caring. Those are only a few words to describe Dr. C., Trish, Claudia and Joyce. They are truly a great team. From the moment you walk in, you are treated like family. I am very thankful for Dr. C and his amazing staff.

—Antonietta Tartaglione

-- Antonietta Tartaglione
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Full Mouth Reconstruction

I was born with beautiful, straight, nicely shaped teeth. For some strange reason, in my early 30s, I started to get more and more cavities, despite all my brushing and flossing. My teeth began to wear down, become uneven, and stain, as the enamel started to wear away. I began smiling with my mouth closed until one day someone asked me if I wore braces!

I decided then that it was time to have my teeth bonded. My teeth looked great for a few years afterwards until the bonding started to chip away. My teeth then looked extremely uneven from all the fillings and various crowns, so I was back to smiling with my mouth shut, once again!

I had been looking for a dentist that would be capable of making me happy, and I knew I had to do something before I had no teeth left! One of my clients had been bragging about how she loved her dentist. Since one more of my bonds had recently chipped away, I thought I would call her dentist, Dr. Cibischino.

After speaking with Dr. Cibischino, I decided to have a full mouth restoration. I have been thrilled with the results and marvel every day at how wonderful my teeth look!

Dr. Cibischino and his staff are a fantastic group of people who made me feel comfortable and right at home. I am ecstatic with my choice in dentist!

—Vincent Guardino

-- Vincent Guardino
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TMJ Disorder Diagnosis/Mouth Splint Treatment
I would have never imagined that the symptoms I was dealing with were all related. I had an explanation for each one: bad pillows, allergies, changes in altitude while driving, and stress.

I am grateful to Dr. C and his staff for taking the time to talk with and listen to me when they asked, “How are you doing?” It was through this simple question that Dr. C first suspected my symptoms were TMJ related.

I mentioned I had my first bout with vertigo, and Dr. C asked about my other symptoms. I was having daily headaches upon waking, sinus pain and pressure, ear pressure and tinnitus. I was skeptical until the issues with my jaw began: constant achiness and a tired feeling, painful to the point I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to eat a sandwich. On the day when I could visibly see the swollen muscle on the side of my face, I called to schedule an evaluation. Three days later, I had my mouth splint.

After the first night, I knew it was working. I woke feeling rested and for the first time in over a year, headache free. Within days my other symptoms began to subside.

Three months later, and I am still symptom free. I wear my mouth splint every night and during times of stress. My insurances do not cover anything TMJ related so my treatment was all out of pocket! I will say, the investment was well worth it.

Thanks again, Dr. C!
-- Annette
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You made me feel like I was an valuable part of your business.

Thank you,
-- Kareen K.
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Today I broke my front tooth I cried so hard because I thought I would never smile again, and if I did it would not be my smile. I immediately called Dr. C. and Trish scheduled me same day. With a family event on the weekend, I am able to smile for pictures. It was painless and flawless. The Team and atmosphere is amazing I would recommend this place to anyone. Thank you, Dr. C, Trish, and staff for making a terrible situation better.
-- Danielle