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Sleep Apnea Treatments in Hackensack, NJ

Family feeling happier after Dads sleep apnea treatment.Dr. C has extensive training in the oral management of sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing. By teaming together with your sleep physician, Dr. C can provide you with options like:
  • Comfortable oral appliances
  • The freedom to enjoy sleeping without a CPAP
  • Results that are noticeable on the first night

We work together with your sleep physician to diagnose the sleep disorder that you have, and to determine the best type of therapy for your needs. In some cases, your insurance coverage can even be utilized.

How Does An Oral Sleep Apnea Appliance Work?

Our custom fitted oral appliances naturally open your airway without the need for invasive CPAP equipment. Instead, your jaws are positioned so that the soft tissues in the back of your mouth do not seal off your airway, which is a common cause of certain types of sleep apnea.

After discussing your individual case with your sleep physician, Dr. C will create a customized oral device that is usually available within two weeks. Most of our patients see results the very first night!

Is It Right For You?

Whole family feeling better after sleep apnea treatmentMany of our patients enjoy the benefit of a good night’s rest as a result of a sleep apnea appliance, which comfortably rests in your mouth during sleep. If you find that you don’t tolerate a traditional CPAP machine, have had an unsuccessful sleep apnea surgery, or travel often, then this maybe the perfect sleep solution for you! You may even find that wearing it in combination with a nasal CPAP offers you the best sleep.  

If you’re tired of not getting enough sleep, being tired all day long, or being constantly awakened by snoring, then call our Hackensack sleep apnea dentist today!

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