Pediatric Dentist in Hackensack

Pediatric Dentist in Hackensack

We love kids! Our commitment to you is to treat your children the same way we would for our own. Each of our Hackensack pediatric dental services is designed to limit the impact of oral disease on the future of your child’s smile.

We use non-frightening language and techniques to ensure that your son or daughter has the most positive experience possible with our pediatric dentist.

First Child’s First Dental Checkup

Medical and dental experts agree – all children should have their first dental check-up by their first birthday (or when the first tooth erupts.) During this visit we will review important preventive measures, assess for signs of early developmental conditions, and help your child become familiar with a friendly dental environment. This makes it more enjoyable for your child’s future visits with us!

Preventive Cleanings and Exams

Every 6 months, a dental check-up in our Hackensack office gives Dr. C the opportunity to help your child prevent tooth decay, orthodontic complications and disease. Our goal is to pinpoint risk factors that can be prevented from developing into something problematic later on. It also helps us educate your child on making smart choices for a healthy mouth well into adulthood.

Our Pediatric Dentist Recommends Fluoride

Fluoride is applied after each cleaning to encourage healthy enamel development and repel decay.

Dental Sealants

Seal out cavities before they can start. Sealants take only a few minutes to apply and can be placed on the permanent back teeth soon after eruption.

If you’re looking for a pediatric dentist in Hackensack, we invite you to call our family dental office! Dr. C cares for patients of all ages, including young children. New families are always welcome. Call us today!