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Know the Risks of Oral Cancer

Patient getting and exam and cancer screening at Rolando Cibischino D.M.D. in Hackensack NJ.You don’t have to be a smoker to get mouth cancer. Risk factors include everything from certain types of viruses to sun exposure. Finding oral cancer as early as possible could in fact save your life. You need knowledgeable and meticulous eyes to ensure that you have the best chance at detecting any abnormalities during its early formation. One of the best places to find this type of screening is at your dentist office.

Warning Signs

Precancerous and cancerous tissues often look like areas of mucosa or skin that appear different than the ones around them (or the same area on the opposite side of the mouth.) Typically, they look like tissues that are:

  • Recurrent sores that have not healed
  • White, red or patchy lesions
  • Raised or pitted areas of tissue

A Silent, Deadly Disease

Even if you aren’t at risk for oral cancer, there is still a chance that you could develop the condition. That’s why Dr. C screens for oral cancer during every dental checkup, on every patient. If abnormal or precancerous tissues are suspected, these can be recorded as a baseline for follow up examination during a subsequent appointment or biopsy.

Dr. Cibischino shows a patient he is doing an oral cancer screening on some images on a monitor. Early diagnosis is key, as the earlier oral cancer is found, the better the treatment outcome is to be. Not only is the treatment outcome typically better, but it may also reduce the number of complications, pain, or cost of treatments compared to cases where problem areas were identified later.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you’ve ever had an oral cancer screening, or a dentist in hasn’t seen you over a year – then call our Hackensack family dental office today to schedule your exam.

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