Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding in Hackensack, NJ

Image of teeth that have benefited from easy dental bonding to restore the smile. We all have problem areas throughout our smiles that we notice each time we look in the mirror to brush our teeth. Worse yet – when we suffer the rude awakening of noticing that our smile is not very flattering in the latest family pictures posted online. Consider dental bonding as a solution.

You may be searching for a convenient and easy dental solution for these imperfections that does not require multiple appointments or complex procedures. Dental bonding presents a simple, minimally invasive way to change the way your teeth look. Using durable, tooth colored materials, Dr. C recreates the shape of your natural tooth in areas that are:

  • Chipped, broken or worn
  • Gapped
  • Irregularly shaped

Dental Bonding: Small Treatment. Big Results.

Woman smiling and showing off how dental bonding improved her smile easily and cost effectively. Having a tooth bonded is simpler than getting a dental filling, and less invasive. First, Dr. C will select a shade of composite that closely resembles your enamel color – allowing the final product to look “invisible” to everyone else. Then your tooth will be gently conditioned so that the bonding can be directly adhered to your enamel to create a long lasting and secure restoration.

Once the area is shaped appropriately, we use a bright light to cure it in place. In just one, short visit, you have what looks like an entirely new tooth! You will be ready to head outside to show off your bright new smile, confident that the next time you take a family picture, it will feature your beautiful new look!

Bonding is great to use alone, or in combination with one of our other cosmetic treatments for dramatic overall results. However, even the use of dental bonding on just a couple problem teeth may make a noticeable impact on your smile. Call our office to schedule a quick visit with Dr. C to find out if bonding is an ideal option for your personal smile needs.

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