What to Expect During a Routine Dental Exam and Cleaning

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The purposes of a routine dental exam and cleaning are to determine the overall status of the patient's oral health and to put together a treatment plan to address any concerns (or potential concerns) that are detected. Although every dentist has their own process that they use, this review provides a step-by-step approximate guide to what you can expect.

Routine dental exam and cleaning: what can I expect during my visit?

A routine dental exam and cleaning visit typically takes less than an hour and is non-invasive. If it is the first time that you are visiting the dentist, then the visit serves largely for you and the dental team to put together a treatment and prevention plan long-term to help avoid a future need for restorative services.

A discussion of your oral health

Upon meeting the staff, they may ask a series of questions to learn more about any potential problems the patient is having with their oral health, regardless of whether it is related to health, function, or cosmetic concerns. They may also ask about goals that the patient may have and their reason for visiting.

Conducting the oral examination (and dental x-rays)

The next step is the oral examination process. This may include dental x-rays if it has been a while since the patient’s last visit or if it is the first time they have visited this particular dentist. The oral examination (and the dental x-rays) are safe and non-invasive.

The teeth and gum line cleaning process

The next step is the cleaning process. This involves removing plaque and tartar that contains bacteria and can damage gums and teeth; plaque and tartar can naturally build up over time despite regular brushing and flossing. The removal of plaque and tartar is known as “scaling.”

Putting together a treatment plan that works for you

After the cleaning process, the dental staff and the patient can put together a treatment plan if there are any cosmetic or oral health concerns to address. If the patient is in ideal oral health and is happy with their smile, then the focus may be tailored more toward the prevention of any concerns through good oral hygiene, along with scheduling their next routine dental exam and cleaning.

How to care for your smile between routine dental exams and cleanings

The dental staff may provide the patient with a recommended care plan to follow between visits, which may include tips on how to practice good oral hygiene and protect against bruxism, dental trauma, and other concerns that could impact the patient's oral health and smile.

Our dental practice offers routine dental exams and cleanings

Our office has available times for you to schedule a visit and come in for a routine dental exam and cleaning, during which we are more than happy to discuss and address any issues or goals you have for your oral health, determine the status of your oral health, and provide a routine cleaning as well as any additional services you may need or desire.

Request an appointment here: https://www.smilebeautification.com or call Rolando Cibischino D.M.D. at (201) 204-1355 for an appointment in our Hackensack office.

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