I would have never imagined that the symptoms I was dealing with were all related. I had an explanation for each one: bad pillows, allergies, changes in altitude while driving, and stress.

I am grateful to Dr. C and his staff for taking the time to talk with and listen to me when they asked, “How are you doing?” It was through this simple question that Dr. C first suspected my symptoms were TMJ related.

I mentioned I had my first bout with vertigo, and Dr. C asked about my other symptoms. I was having daily headaches upon waking, sinus pain and pressure, ear pressure and tinnitus. I was skeptical until the issues with my jaw began: constant achiness and a tired feeling, painful to the point I couldn’t open my mouth wide enough to eat a sandwich. On the day when I could visibly see the swollen muscle on the side of my face, I called to schedule an evaluation. Three days later, I had my mouth splint.

After the first night, I knew it was working. I woke feeling rested and for the first time in over a year, headache free. Within days my other symptoms began to subside.

Three months later, and I am still symptom free. I wear my mouth splint every night and during times of stress. My insurances do not cover anything TMJ related so my treatment was all out of pocket! I will say, the investment was well worth it.

Thanks again, Dr. C!

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