I was born with beautiful, straight, nicely shaped teeth. For some strange reason, in my early 30s, I started to get more and more cavities, despite all my brushing and flossing. My teeth began to wear down, become uneven, and stain, as the enamel started to wear away. I began smiling with my mouth closed until one day someone asked me if I wore braces!

I decided then that it was time to have my teeth bonded. My teeth looked great for a few years afterwards until the bonding started to chip away. My teeth then looked extremely uneven from all the fillings and various crowns, so I was back to smiling with my mouth shut, once again!

I had been looking for a dentist that would be capable of making me happy, and I knew I had to do something before I had no teeth left! One of my clients had been bragging about how she loved her dentist. Since one more of my bonds had recently chipped away, I thought I would call her dentist, Dr. Cibischino.

After speaking with Dr. Cibischino, I decided to have a full mouth restoration. I have been thrilled with the results and marvel every day at how wonderful my teeth look!

Dr. Cibischino and his staff are a fantastic group of people who made me feel comfortable and right at home. I am ecstatic with my choice in dentist!

—Vincent Guardino

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