Popular Types of Partial Dentures Material

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There are different types of partial dentures materials that a dentist may recommend based on the patient’s specific treatment goals and preferences. The most popular types of partial dentures materials include acrylic resin, cast metal, and porcelain. 

The most common types of partial dentures materials

This review highlights the different material options for partial dentures and explains acrylic flippers and flexible partial dentures in greater detail. This should help you make the most informed decision possible about the best method for replacing one or more missing teeth. 

Acrylic resin

Acrylic resin is perhaps the most popular type of partial denture. They offer a great balance between strength, appearance, and affordability. The acrylic resin material is made from a strong plastic. It looks natural and indistinguishable from real teeth while worn. The drawback to acrylic resin, however, is that it is not as strong as porcelain and typically only lasts between five and seven years. 


Porcelain partial dentures are incredibly reliable, although they cost more on average than other types of partial denture materials. They can last for well beyond five years with proper care and may even last more than ten in some instances. They are easy to function with as well and allow patients to eat tougher foods without any problems. Porcelain dentures also provide a natural appearance. 

Cast metal partial dentures

Cast metal partial dentures involve an acrylic (plastic) base and a metal frame to add stability and increase the lifespan of the dentures. Some patients are initially concerned with the appearance of the metal with the dentures, but they can be made to be the same color as the gums and not likely to be noticed by others. They are great for patients who want a secure and comfortable fit while talking and eating daily. 

Flexible partial dentures

Flexible partial dentures are an alternative to cast metal partial dentures. They are made of a nylon frame rather than metal, which may offer aesthetic benefits. However, they are not as durable or strong as cast metal partial dentures, which is why they are the preferred choice less often than cast metal partial dentures. 

Acrylic flippers

Acrylic flippers, also called dental flippers, pop in and out of place easily and can fill the place of multiple missing teeth. They are often used as temporary partial dentures while the patient waits for a more reliable and permanent solution. When used temporarily, the acrylic flippers hold the place of natural teeth and prevent shifting to ensure the permanent restoration fits in an ideal manner. Acrylic flippers do look natural, although they are not as durable as reliable as other types of partial dentures. 

Discuss all available partial denture options with a dentist

Here at our dental practice, we offer a variety of removable partial denture options. Our experienced and professional team can explain each option in greater detail and help you through the decision-making process. We can also guide you through the treatment process as well, ensuring you are able to achieve a smile that brings you confidence.

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