How to Make Results Last Longer With Teeth Whitening Trays

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Teeth whitening treatments can get you whiter teeth in as little as 60 minutes. These treatments are typically performed using custom mouth trays. These trays help to keep teeth immersed in the whitening product being used and it prevents it from getting into the soft tissues, like the gums, and irritating them.

Whitening treatments effectively eliminate stains and discoloration for the outer and inner layers of teeth. Bleaching agents, like hydrogen peroxide, are used to get this done.

Maintaining the results of teeth whitening treatments with custom trays

Getting your teeth to the desired shade of white you want them to be does not mean they will remain that way forever. It that were the case, you would not need whitening treatments in the first place.

There are many foods and drinks that stain teeth. These include coffee, red wine, tea and beets. Habits, like smoking, can also lead to teeth becoming discolored. Over time, doing these things can lead to a person's teeth returning to how they were before whitening treatments.

There is no need to settle for that though since maintenance whitening treatments can be used to make the results of teeth whitening last longer. Dentists often provide patients with at-home whitening kits for this purpose. These kits contain bleaching products and a customized mouth tray that is made from an impression of the patient's teeth.

The patient can then perform maintenance treatments as needed. For most people, about two maintenance treatments per year using at-home whitening kits gets the job done. Here are some other things patients can do to get the most out of their whitening treatments:

1. Avoid beverages and foods that stain teeth

Foods that are rich in color can stain teeth. An easy way to maintain the results of whitening treatments is by avoiding these as much as possible. This includes foods and beverages like tomato sauce, tea, coffee, red wine and berries.

2. Limit sugary foods and drinks

Sugar is acidic and it eats away at teeth surfaces and leaves stains behind. Limiting sugary foods and rinsing the mouth after consuming them can help to reduce staining.

3. Consume teeth-friendly foods

Foods like crunchy vegetables and fruits are good for teeth thanks to their high water content. These foods promote the production of saliva which keeps the mouth clean. Saliva also neutralizes acids that can breakdown teeth enamel and leave teeth stained.

Dairy products, like cheese, are also great for teeth. They promote saliva production and they are rich in phosphorus and calcium which help to keep teeth strong and healthy.

4. Use a straw when possible

Using a straw to consume beverages that can stain teeth helps to minimize the contact the liquid makes with front teeth. Less color-rich liquids on teeth means fewer stains.

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