How Long Will my Professional Teeth Whitening Results Last?

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Many times, patients choose to get professional teeth whitening because of the brilliant results. However, you might wonder how long the results will last once you leave the dentist’s office. Professional whitening is a great way to make your smile brighter. Once you understand how to keep the results, you will be on your way toward a better look. Keep reading to learn more.

About professional teeth whitening

Professional treatment involves using healthy bleaching products. The dentist has stronger ones than the ones found in stores. Plus, the dentist will see that the bleaching agents do not harm the gums or other tissue in the mouth. The results happen nearly immediately after the hour and a half long treatment.

The patient will see that the teeth have become brighter. However, the patient might need to have a couple of sessions to get the desired results. The treatment used will determine how long the effects last. For example, in some cases, the dentist might use light or heat to activate the gel.

The smile should stay white for a year or longer. The patient’s dental hygiene, lifestyle, and eating habits will determine the specific length. There are a few things the patient can do to help the results last, however. The central aspect has regular dental appointments. That way, it will be possible to help the results last longer.

Caring for the teeth after having whitening done

The length of time the treatment lasts depends on the patient’s oral care habits. Many times, the dentist cleans the teeth before the whitening process. Then the patient will need to maintain oral hygiene to keep the teeth cleaner. Brushing twice each day is a great starting point. The dentist might recommend using whitening toothpaste to do so. The patient will need to avoid using tobacco and smoking to keep the teeth in great condition.

The patient will want to make some dietary changes, as well. Some foods are more likely than others to cause stains. The patient might want to eat them carefully. Beverages such as soda, coffee, red wine, or tea can all cause stains on the teeth. Plus, alcohol is acidic, and that can lead to discoloration.

Foods high in sugar are not suitable for the teeth. That is, even more, the case after a patient has had the teeth whitened. Foods that have artificial coloring might cause stains, as well. A good rule of thumb is that if a product would stain a T-shirt, it could spoil the teeth too. Plus, the teeth could be more sensitive after the teeth whitening. The patient might want to stay away from extremely cold or hot foods at first.

Pick the right professional teeth whitening today

Patients who are interested in teeth whitening can talk to the dentist to get the right results. Many times, professional whitening is the preferred treatment because of how long it lasts. If you want to know more about the options, it is time to make an appointment with your dentist. Then you can make a more informed decision for your health.

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