Get a Chipped Tooth Treated After an Accident

Chipped Tooth Hackensack, NJ

A chipped tooth may result from any type of accident. A strong blow to the face is enough to cause parts of a tooth to chip off. The damage may be obvious or hidden behind the tooth. Seeing the dentist can help pinpoint the chipping. If you want to know what treatments are available for a chipped tooth after an accident, here are the details.

Tooth reattachment

Sometimes, the dentist could still reattach a tooth fragment. Cleaning the fragment without scrubbing is ideal. Placing it in a glass of milk will keep it moist. Calcium in milk will sustain the tooth fragment while the patient travels to the dentist. The dentist will examine the fragment and then reattach it to the affected tooth if there are no issues.

Dental bonding

A chipped tooth in the front part of the mouth is an important tooth to fix. These teeth always show whenever a person speaks, smiles, bites, and laughs. Giving them immediate treatment for chipping will remove the pain and protect them from infection. Dental bonding is the most optimal treatment for chipping in the front teeth. The dentist will shape the tooth-colored composite resin to make it more natural-looking.

Dental sealants

This treatment helps fix and protect the tooth. It can act as a strong barrier to bacterial infection. The dentist often uses dental sealants on premolars and molars. This treatment can follow a filling treatment to reinforce the treated chipped tooth. The sealant will keep off any food particles and bacteria from the affected area.

Root canal

The damage in a chipped tooth may extend to the pulp or root. This will open up a tooth to infections and particles. Extreme pain often tells the dentist how far the damage has gone. Saving the tooth is the main goal for this case. The dentist will perform a root canal treatment.

Here, the dentist will clean out the infected pulp through a small opening. This will stop the debilitating pain. Disinfecting and drying the tooth follows. Then, the dentist will fill the tooth space with gutta-percha. This filling will block any food particles and bacteria.

Dental crown

A chipped tooth may have lost a significant part of the natural dental crown. This will leave the tooth susceptible to pain and infection. The dentist can clean and fill the tooth first. Then, a custom-fit dental crown can cover the entire exposed surface of the tooth to protect it.

The chipped tooth’s damage may need a root canal. The dentist could place a dental crown over the treated tooth. Doing so will protect the tooth from further infection. This will also hold the tooth together.

Dental veneers

These are thin porcelain or composite shells. The dentist can use these to cover the chipped tooth in the front area of the mouth. This will make the tooth look new and solid. The patient will need two dental appointments for this treatment. The dentist will etch the affected tooth first. This will make the shell stick better to the tooth’s surface.

A chipped tooth after an accident can receive proper treatment right away

Trauma to the face during an accident can result in dental damage. Seeing your dentist as soon as possible can help relieve the pain. It can also restore your dental health in no time. There is nothing like leaving your dentist’s clinic with a feeling of renewal and comfort after your chipped tooth treatment.

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