Can Dental Botox Treat Headaches?

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Dental Botox® treatment can relieve headaches. Patients with TMJ (temporomandibular) pain often get terrible migraines. Teeth grinding and jaw clenching trigger migraines. Muscles around the jaw tighten. The pain radiates to the head, causing terrible pain. If you want to know if dental Botox can treat your headaches, here are the details.

TMJ pain is the cause of head pain

The TMJ is the joint in front of the ear. This joint makes the jaw close and open. Pain in this joint is TMJ pain or TMD (temporomandibular disorder). Arthritis, bruxism, jaw clenching, and bruxism are all causes of TMJ pain.

A person can get tension or stress headaches because of physical, emotional, and mental stress. TMJ pain can also lead to fatigue or strain in the neck muscles. A Botox injection can resolve this problem. The dentist will inject the Botox into the masseter muscle. Botox can relax this muscle, reducing the pain it causes.

Migraines and dental Botox

Studies have proven Botox to be effective in treating chronic migraines. This toxin stops headaches even before each one starts. The dentist injects Botox into the pain fibers responsible for triggering headaches. The toxin enters the nerve endings and blocks the chemicals responsible for transmitting pain. This keeps the brain’s pain networks from activating.

A study shows that Botox injections help patients get clear days without pain and fewer absences from work. Another study shows that about half of the participants who had two injections of Botox had a significant reduction in headache attacks. It blocks neurotransmitters that deliver pain signals from the brain. That is why Botox helps many people who suffer from migraines. The toxin stops the chemicals before they reach the nerve endings around the neck and head.

The tightness in the jaw

Dental Botox can relax the jaw. The TMJ allows people to speak and chew. This joint is sensitive to any type of stress, which causes the muscles to tighten. This causes problems in the jaw and mouth. The patient tends to have pain around the ears, neck, jaw, and cheeks. Facial swelling and shoulder pain are also telling signs of TMJ pain.

Relaxing the jaw

Using dental Botox for treating TMJ pain is effective. Research shows how well this treatment helps as a supplementary treatment for various therapies. Patients can have Botox injections with physical therapy or night guards. In some cases, Botox treatment is the sole therapy a patient needs to relax the jaw muscles.

A dental Botox treatment can reduce the frequency of the headaches or even make them disappear. The patient also becomes less anxious. These changes can make the patient sleep better without bruxism or tooth sensitivity. Comfort from dental Botox can improve a patient’s overall health.

Receiving dental Botox can stop and prevent headache attacks

Dentists recommend dental Botox to patients with constant and debilitating headaches. Migraines and stress headaches are common in TMJ pain patients. Botox shots relax the jaw muscles. The pain stops when this happens. An appointment with your dentist can evaluate your case and create your treatment plan.

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