Dental Fillings

Minimally Invasive Dental Fillings3d rendering of dental fillings on teeth

Unlike conventional metal fillings, Dr. C uses tooth-colored composite materials. Not only are these more aesthetically pleasing, but they are also less invasive than traditional fillings.

How? Because composite materials bond directly to your tooth enamel. This means less removal and preparation of the natural tooth, and more preservation.

Do I Need a Filling?

Fillings are the simplest way to protect teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay. Removing the decay and rebuilding the tooth surface with a filling can enforce the integrity of the entire tooth.

Symptoms of tooth decay often include:

  • Sensitivity to certain types of foods or drinks
  • Food packing between or inside of the teeth
  • Rough edges that “don’t feel quite right”

Cosmetic White Fillings

Patient receiving dental fillings at dentistWe match all fillings to the natural color of your other teeth. You can even choose to have your existing metal fillings changed out with new white fillings. Call our Hackensack cosmetic dental office today for more information.